COL - Cover_Aug15_FINAL.inddLooking to travel to once-in-a-lifetime destinations these are some of the reasons why you can relax and travel on a Collette escorted tour.

It’s just a dream for many a traveller, but for those who select an escorted tour with Collette, it’s a reality! PRIVATE and direct round-trip door-to-door service is included on every tour (within 100 mile radius of their departure airport). Your own personal chauffeur will take you to and from your local airport.

Collette’s 98% satisfaction rate is a pretty good indicator that you will absolutely love their escorted tours.

Where clients stay when on tour makes all the difference in the world. Whether it’s carefully selected to be right in the center of things, or artfully selected for its sheer beauty and luxury, Collette makes all the right choices.

Local cultures are truly explored with incredibly unique experiences like visiting local families; something that leaves indelible marks in travellers memories. And the culinary inclusions? Flavorful, and authentic to each region!

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