Includes 4 Night Cruise!

Classic Mekong

Price: from £4890 p.p

Embark on a glorious adventure, starting amongst the magnificence of the temples of Angkor before boarding the wonderfully intimate Victoria Mekong ship for a four-night cruise down the Mekong river. With shore excursions designed to give you an authentic glimpse of local life, cross into Vietnam to discover its many treasures. Explore vibrant Saigon, charming Hoi An and historic Hanoi, and sail the waters of Halong Bay.

Dates: Departures 2024-2025
Based on Departure 21st April 2024
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 17 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: WW-MEK-02/5

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See the Orangutans!

Best of Borneo

Price: from £4390 p.p

An island of unchartered jungles and tribal culture, a Borneo holiday exudes adventure! Discover ‘headhunter’ heritage, see a wealth of wildlife, delve deep into nature and meet the beautiful orangutans of Sabah and Sarawak on this incredible itinerary.

Dates: Various Dates 2024/2025
Price based on departure date 03rd May 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 15 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: WW-BOR-02/05

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American Road Trip!

Grand Journey from the Deep South to Route 66

Price: from £4499 p.p

There’s no better welcome to America than the gracious hospitality the Deep South is famous for. Here, you’ll hear the sounds of the South – rock n’ roll, the blues and country – in their birthplace, Nashville, and the swinging jazz bands of New Orleans.

Then we’ll continue our Deep South discovery on part of the iconic Route 66 stopping at quirky American sights, shops and diners, and visiting the incredible Grand Canyon.

This holiday is ideal for travellers with a fascination for retro-American culture or a hankerin’ for an epic road trip.

Dates: Various dates 2025
Price based on 26th March 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 17 nights

Departing: Manchester

Quote Ref: RIV-R66-02/5

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New Tour!

Secrets of Saudi Arabia

Price: from £5290 p.p

The winds of change are blowing through Saudi Arabia, which only recently opened to non-pilgrims. Discover ancient fortresses, camel markets and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its vast deserts, then experience the cosmopolitan comforts of its cities and high-speed bullet trains. On the final night of your 9-day tour, enjoy a farewell dinner with a Saudi businesswoman and her family, and reflect on how this intriguing country is looking ahead to a new vision of the future.

Dates: Various Dates November 2024 to November 2025
Price based on 08th November 2024
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 08 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: WWSAU-02/05

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Spectacular Scenery!

Canada's Rocky Mountaineer

Price: from £3999 p.p

Experience the magnificent Rocky Mountains on this Canadian tour, travel along the ‘road of steel’ and finally arrive at Vancouver as one of the most naturally beautiful cities.

The Canadian Rockies must surely rank amongst the very finest of scenic and wildlife holidays on earth. The magnificent Rocky Mountains are Canada’s crowning glory and we stay in Banff, the very heart of the mountains.

The magnificent Rocky Mountains are Canada’s crowning glory: home to bears, majestic elk, moose and beaver, with vast forests that seem to go on forever. Opaque lakes of stunning emerald green and turquoise reflect the magnificent scenery like no other place on earth. Carpets of wild flowers bedeck the green meadows spread beneath the towering glaciers – huge expanses of brilliant white ice and snow, contrasting with the muted greys and pinks of the jagged peaks. We stay in Banff, the very heart of the mountains, then travel along a monument to man’s engineering prowess, the ‘road of steel’ that is the great Trans-Canadian railway, on the incredible Rocky Mountaineer train. Crossing high passes, deep ravines and innumerable spectacular bridges, places that can only be seen by rail, the Rocky Mountaineer is acknowledged as the ultimate way to travel through the beautifully rugged terrain of Alberta and British Columbia.

Finally, we arrive in Vancouver, nestling beside the immense majesty of the Pacific Ocean, which ranks alongside Sydney, Cape Town and San Francisco as one of the world’s most naturally beautiful panoramas. With its gleaming glass skyscrapers reflected in the azure-blue ocean, Canada’s third largest city is a fascinating and cosmopolitan metropolis encircled by water and mountains.

Dates: Various Dates 2024-2025
Price based on 27 September 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 08 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: Can-RIV-02/5

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Visit 3 Countries!

Victoria Falls, Botswana Safari & Cape Town

Price: from £4099 p.p

Victoria Falls, arguably Africa’s greatest natural wonder, with often overlooked Botswana and incredible Cape Town, what a tour!

Our tour starts in Zambia, adjacent to the spectacular Victoria Falls. Nearby Botswana is a wild and beautiful country and remains one of the few places on earth that really is unspoilt – a true wilderness where animals are free to roam and migrate freely along their traditional routes.

Then it’s on to South Africa and stunning Cape Town set in a breath-taking location. Backed by ever-present blue skies and the iconic Table Mountain, fringed with white sand beaches and the nearby fertile, seemingly never-ending valleys of the Winelands, it is blessed with a surfeit of world-class natural wonders.

Our tour offers incredible variety: the amazing natural wonder of Victoria Falls, the enthralling safari experiences of Botswana and the sophisticated style of Cape Town. You will return home with some wonderful photographs and incredible memories: an invigorating and uplifting reminder of how wonderfully diverse and beautiful our planet really is.

Dates: Various Dates 2024-2025
Price based on 14th January 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 10 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: VIC-RiV-02/5

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Includes Great Barrier Reef

Highlights of Australia

Price: from £5099 p.p

Visit some of Australia’s main cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne – and experience the country’s unique natural beauty with trips to the Blue Mountains, the Great Barrier Reef and more on this Highlights of Australia tour.

What comes to mind when somebody mentions Australia? Beautiful beaches, bustling cities, endless sunshine and a laid-back lifestyle? Well, you won’t be disappointed. This diverse, continent-sized country is a perfect mix of cities, natural beauty and vast open spaces, and you can experience it for yourself on this tour of Australia.

Take in the highlights of modern Sydney, with its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, then escape to the nearby Blue Mountains; explore chic Melbourne’s winding alleys and cosy cafes, then drive the epic Great Ocean Road; escape to sunny Brisbane and meet some local wildlife; travel north to remote city of Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

This tour is ideal for travel-enthusiasts looking for a taster of Australia that includes a little bit of everything that the Land Down Under has to offer.

Dates: Various Dates 2025
Price based on Departure 31 March 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 16 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: Aus-RIV-02/5

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Safari Included

South Africa with Rovos Rail

Price: from £5299 p.p

A ‘world in one country’ is no exaggeration – incredible game viewing, a vast patchwork of different cultures and history coupled with superb food and wine make for a world-class destination.

From a Mediterranean to desert climate; South Africa offers spectacular scenery with arguably the finest wildlife on earth. This wonderful 16-day tour is designed to highlight South Africa’s truly amazing diversity of cultures, its curious blend of old and new, and its phenomenal scenery and wildlife. You leave with the feeling that the new South Africa, open to the world after years of isolation, is a land of superlatives which cannot fail to impress the welcome visitor!

Dates: Various Dates 2024-2025
Price based on departure 05 May 2025
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 17 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: SA-RIV-02/5

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Popular Destination!

Scenic South Korea

Price: from £5940 p.p

South Korea is an unexplored slice of East Asia. A land of ancient ruins, romantic legends, natural wonders, extraordinary landscapes and packed modern cities, South Korea can trace its history back half a million years. These days most cities consist of a new fashionable area with coffee shops and karaoke bars, but in these same cities you will also find the Korea of old; alleyways and street markets in an intriguing maze where vendors sell everything, just as they have done for hundreds of years.

Our Scenic South Korea tour features many of the island’s wonderful highlights; the bustling metropolis of Seoul is a place to experience at least once in a lifetime. Modern skyscrapers, shopping malls and pop culture meets Buddhist Temples, Palaces and street markets. Boseong is the green tea capital of Korea, the surrounding climate and soul is believed to be the key, as it provides perfect conditions to grow this unique green tea that has a distinct taste and aroma.

Busan – Korea’s second biggest city is full of character and provides many different attractions such as temples, mountains and beaches. Gyeongju – Known as ‘the museum without walls’, the history of this place is outstanding. Gyeongju was originally the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Silla (57 BC -935 AD) and was at one point the 4th largest city in the world.

Dates: Various Dates 2024-2025
Price based on departure 04 November 2024
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 12 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: WW KOR 02/5

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Great Price!

Thailand Highlights

Price: from £3090 p.p

A two-week journey from south to north, this perfect first-timer tour of Thailand encompasses all the top sights as well as venturing into less-explored areas to explore pristine nature and local culture with a stay at a beautiful eco-lodge.

Dates: Various dates 2024/2025
Price based on departure 29th November 2024
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 12 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: WW THAI 02/5

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See the Cherry Blossom!

Japan Uncovered

Price: from £8190 p.p

Our most extensive Japan tour includes all the classic sights and key cultural activities. Featuring modern cities, historical sights and beautiful landscapes, Japan Uncovered ensures you get the most out of your trip to this fascinating land.

If you’ve been wowed by Joanna Lumley’s Japan on ITV, this tour is the closest itinerary you can get to following in Joanna’s footsteps.

Free Return Transport to Heathrow Included.

Dates: Departures 2025
Price Based on March 2025
(Subject to Availability)

Duration: 16 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: JAP-WW-02/5

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Great for Wildlife

Costa Rica-From the Caribbean to the Pacific

Price: from £4599 p.p

Our tour starts from the country’s capital of San José before striking out for the Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica’s eastern Caribbean coast, a labyrinth of canals, rivers and lagoons covered in thick forest and mangroves. Tortuguero means ‘turtle catcher’ and the many species of turtles which lay their eggs on these beaches came close to extinction until the area was declared a national park. You can also expect to see caimans, several types of monkeys and a huge number of endemic and migratory bird species, including toucans, macaws and raptors. More rarely seen inhabitants include tapirs, jaguars and manatees.

We continue cross-country towards the Arenal volcano. With a perfect cone, numerous hot springs and surrounded by its own national park, roughly half the species of Costa Rica can be found here. We’ll take an easy walk along one of the many trails nearby and see some attractive views of the peak. From our comfortable base we will also visit the Caño Negro reserve, close to the border with Nicaragua. The main access route here is along the Rio Frio and the best way to spot wildlife is our boat safari which gives you uninterrupted views along its banks. More than 300 bird species have been identified here, including kingfishers, ibis, toucans, storks and even a type of vulture, plus you are also likely to see caimans and monkeys.

Our next port of call is the renowned Monteverde Cloud Forest, a unique ecosystem created by the warm Pacific winds being pushed up and condensing on the mountain slopes. The trees here are covered in mist and mossy vines, bromeliads, ferns and the greatest diversity of orchids on the planet. We explore via a system of hanging bridges so as to look down on the thick vegetation below. There’s plenty of hummingbirds here and you may be lucky enough to spot a quetzal. You may also choose to experience the incredible thrill of zip-wiring through the forest – this is one of the best places in the country to try this (at extra charge).

Our final stay for three nights is at a five-star resort in Guanacaste on the Pacific coast. Known for its beautiful palm-fringed beaches, this is the perfect spot to take some time off, relax, find a nice restaurant or bar and watch the sun slowly sink into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Dates: Various Dates 2024/2025
Price based on 29th October 2024
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 12 nights

Departing: London Heathrow

Quote Ref: RIV-CR-02/5

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Includes Las Vegas

Grand Tour of California and the Golden West

Price: from £3799 p.p

Our Grand Tour explores three world-class Californian cities, starting in San Francisco, we’ll head to the star-studded Los Angeles and visit laid-back San Diego. Along the way, we’ll taste the delicious wines of Nappa Valley and stop at charming coastal towns and cities that look out onto the Pacific Ocean. We’ll also visit one of the world’s greatest national parks, Yosemite, to see its craggy mountains, post-card-perfect lakes and fragrant forests.

Then it’s on to the bright lights of Las Vegas – a city with joie de vivre pouring out of every casino, bar and restaurant – set in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Mojave Desert close to not one, but two American icons: Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon West.

This Grand Tour is ideal for travellers looking to experience everything California has to offer and make a date with Lady Luck in Las Vegas.

Dates: Various dates 2025
Price based on 30th October 2025
(subject to availability)

Duration: 16 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: RIV-CAL-02/5

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Very Popular Tour

On Safari In South Africa-Elephant Lodge

Price: from £2469 p.p

Savour South Africa’s magnificent wildlife on this once-in-a-lifetime, full-board safari holiday, based in the locally-rated four-star Elephant Lodge, with its own sweeping private game reserve.

On this unique small-group tour, you’ll get the chance to really settle into your breathtaking surroundings as you spend a week at South Africa’s distinguished Sebatana Elephant Lodge.

Set amongst the malaria-free UNESCO-listed Waterberg Biosphere, the Sebatana Private Reserve covers almost 100,000 acres and is home to over 75 mammals, 300 species of bird and hundreds of different flowers and trees – the perfect place to connect with South Africa’s wildlife!

Dates: Various dates 2024-2026
Prices based on March 2026
(Subject to availability)

Duration: 09 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: NEW-SA-02/5

Enquire about the holiday

Great Price


Price: from £1949 p.p

Immerse yourself in this tour and prepare for a revamp of any preconceptions towards one of the world’s ‘must-see’ destinations! The jewel of our tour is surely the Taj Mahal in the early morning, when its colours and ethereal beauty is at its most amazing. We’ll see the real India, a subcontinent that covers the full gamut of evolution, from the natural world, including the nation’s unofficial symbol, the tiger, in Ranthambore, through the Rajasthan forts and palaces of the Moghul Empire, to the more recent Raj and British colonial influence.

India is not all history and architecture – genuine Indian cuisine is far more varied and interesting than what we are used to at home. From a simple hot chapatti fresh from the oven to the delicate spices of Kheer, a sweet rice pudding, a trip to India will change your view of Indian cookery. Our India tour encompasses the very best of northern India, ensuring a lifetime of truly amazing memories.

Dates: Various dates 2024-2025
Price based on 09 October 2025
(subject to availability)

Duration: 10 nights

Departing: Heathrow

Quote Ref: RIV-IN-02/5

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Hi Paul and team,

just returned from our Caribbean cruise, we both had such a lovely time, enjoyed every second, thank you for your guidance in booking,

looking forward to the next.


Been meaning to write a review for ages! I cannot recommend this company enough. Personal service throughout and was absolutely effortless. As for the holiday itself we went to the Bahamas which was somewhere I’ve dreamed of going for years but assumed was not in my budget! But upon enquiring I explained where we’d like to go and for what budget and Zoe (who I dealt with throughout) who was absolutely lovely, super knowledgable and helpful and spent ages patiently finding us different options with no pressure at all. We eventually decided on a sandals resort which was out of this world and the location was honestly paradise on earth. We Will be back very soon to book our family summer holiday! Thanks so much again.


.. just returned from a Jet2 City break to Budapest… was our first time there and It was brilliant.. Everything ran like clockwork for us..and having the airport assistance as well they were waiting both ends and was a smooth transition on the ambulift… Would like to thank you and your team and Leanne for booking and advising us


Cannot recommend Leanne enough!! After booking us the most perfect holiday a couple of weeks ago, we were gutted when it got cancelled due to being with Thomas Cook! But Leanne sorted everything out for us within the first day of finding out making things as stress free as possible for us, she was amazing! We are excited our holiday is all booked again ☺️☺️

Jade Wale


Highly recommended
We have just booked 2020 holiday through Paul Moss Holiday Lounge Hinckley absolute fantastic service.
Nothing was too much trouble beings we have been let down by Thomas Cook.

Louise Lambert


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